Obligatory First Blog

This Blogger site is intended for use during my sessions at the EDUCAUSE Instructional Technology Leadership Program 2005 which launches July 10-14 at penn State University.

I am the hired gun charged with the topic of "Instructional Technology Innovations", a daunting task indeed. My session will hopefully be participatory,not dull, and hopefully relevant. Rotten tomatoes may be launched at any time (they may be supplied in your participant packet).

Seriously, my goal is to provide some experiences and perspective that will help participants find that sweet spot of balance between roles of Instructional technology (the cool, neat stuff) and Instructional Design (meaning how content and materials is structured to achieve its goals). Today's practitioners ought to be living happily at those crossroads.

That has been my location since 1992 at the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI) a faculty development center serving the 10 Maricopa Comunity Colleges in metropolitan Phoenix. My title is "Instructional Technologist" and I lean towards the technology developer end of the spectrum but embrace and put to use the Instructional Design principles I have learned both formally and informally.

As a discliamer, I have no official credentials in any of these fields, and having learned everything I know now on the job.

So these sessions are not about technology per se, but more so aspects of them that fit into our roles.

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